People suffering from diabetes should get their feet checked on a regular basis by a Podiatrist.

This is very important in the prevention of any foot illnesses or conditions because many diabetics’ nerve and blood supply to the feet can be impaired, leaving an infection or sore to heal much slower or not at all. (In some extreme cases, toes, feet and even legs have had to be amputated – where foot treatment could have prevented such a severe measure.)

Things to look out for:

Corns and Calluses are a thickening of the skin which is created by tight footwear rubbing and pressing on the skin of the feet. When the pain is not felt due to poor blood circulation, corns and calluses can be a cause of infection resulting in diabetic foot ulcers. This is a failure of the wound healing of the tissue.

Footwear needs to be well-fitted to prevent any foot problems, also including nail problems.